Can Switching to Autogas Save Your Business Money?

Written By: on April 18, 2022

Understanding the Potential Benefits Alternative Fuels Provide

propane fuel arizonaFleet fueling is a challenging job, and recent dramatic spikes in gasoline prices have made it even more so.

Superior Propane, Inc. offers a solution to get away from the extreme swings of gasoline pricing that also helps your business in other ways. Our comprehensive propane autogas services provide money saving opportunities in multiple ways.

How much can you save? On average, vehicles powered by autogas cost about $1.50 cents less per hour to operate than comparable gasoline-powered vehicles. But that’s only the beginning. Read on to learn more about the financial and other kinds of benefits your business could receive with a vehicle fleet fueled by propane autogas.

Autogas Powered Vehicles Boast Lower Operating Costs—and More!

The operating costs that give autogas such an advantage over gasoline is not strictly tied to fuel costs themselves.

Propane autogas burns dramatically cleaner—with zero greenhouse gas emissions—and has higher octane level than gasoline. These factors can help you save money in several ways.

Fueling your fleet with autogas can keep even more money in your business’s bank account thanks to potential state and federal grants, tax breaks, and other incentives.

Converting your fleet to autogas cost less than converting to any other alternative fuel. The autogas infrastructure also costs much less. In fact, you could install 15 propane autogas filling stations for the price of one CNG filling station!

Using autogas to fuel your fleet may also give you a competitive edge with potential customers who value environmental friendliness and zero-carbon initiatives.

For Local, Reliable Autogas Services, Choose Superior Propane, Inc!

We’re here to take care of all facets of your propane autogas fleet fueling. We’ll start by thoroughly discussing how you use your vehicles, as well as your fueling needs.

From there, we can install your filling stations, train your employees on filling their vehicles with autogas, as well as communicate essential propane safety knowledge. Additionally, we can create a customized autogas delivery schedule so your vehicles will always have the fuel they need to get the job done.

Our team of autogas professionals will work with you to help you enjoy all the benefits this clean, efficient fuel has to offer. Get in touch with us today—we’ll help you get started.