Four simple ways to find out how much fuel is in your propane cylinder.

grill tank  Jerome, AZ We have a scary story for you.

There once was a dedicated grill-master who had an amazing barbecue planned. This person had a selection of perfectly seasoned porterhouses, marinated pork chops, a rack of ribs slathered with some homemade sauce and a few amazing salmon filets.

They had everything planned perfectly, with different sections of the grill at precise temperature settings. They knew exactly when to add their meats and fish to the barbecue and right when to turn them.

But then, the unthinkable happened. With friends and family gathered around and all the mouth-watering food just starting to sizzle, all the burners on the grill went out at the same time. They hadn’t checked the propane level in the grill tank!

Don’t let this horrific hypothetical happen to you. Follow these four easy tips to keep tabs on how much fuel is in your grill’s propane cylinder.

Use the Gauge on Your Grill

Many of today’s propane grills have gauges on them to tell you approximately how much fuel is left. Often, you attach the cylinder to a scale with a restraining bolt, and its weight provides a reading of how full it is.

Use a Home Scale

If your grill doesn’t have a built-in gauge, you can determine the cylinder’s fill percentage using a home scale. Look at the collar of your cylinder, and you’ll find two numbers listed there:

Now, just weigh your cylinder on a scale, deduct the TW and divide the resulting number by the WC. That’s the current percentage fill of your grill’s tank.

Purchase an External Tank Gauge

You can also buy an external propane cylinder gauge from a hardware store, home store or online retailer. They attach between the grill’s regulator and the cylinder valve and can have either analog or digital readouts. Some gauges even tell you approximately how much cooking time you have left!

The Hot Water Method

This is a nifty trick to find the current fill line on your propane cylinder.

Fill a bucket with hot water, then pour it over the side of your cylinder. Since propane absorbs heat quickly, the cylinder metal will be cool where there’s fuel. Run your hand down the metal of the grill tank. The fill line is where it turns cool.

Superior Propane has your propane grill needs covered.

Grillers in Flagstaff, Jerome, Prescott and other northern Arizona cities don’t need to live in fear of a barbecue emergency like the one described above. That’s because we proudly supply fuel for cylinder refill stations throughout our service area. Refilling your grill tank at one of these stations is typically a much better value than going to a grill tank exchange because you only pay for the fuel going in. Plus, you’ll know you’re receiving high-quality fuel from the most trusted propane provider in the region.

Curious where the nearest Superior Propane cylinder refill station is? Contact us today for more information.

Propane is clean burning and affordable for your commercial fleet.

autogas fleet Flagstaff, AZ Like so many of our customers and partners, we believe that it‘s essential to address the major contributors to climate change. And the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases in the U.S. is the transportation sector. Every year, the Superior Propane team talks to commercial clients in Flagstaff and across northern Arizona about how to affordably lower their emissions. Propane autogas is a great way to shrink your vehicle fleet’s carbon footprint.

According to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), over 60,000 propane autogas commercial vehicles are currently on the road in our country. Among these vehicles are school buses, service vans, police cruisers, shuttles and delivery trucks. We have found that propane autogas is an appealing, cost-effective alternative to electrifying your vehicles.

Reducing Your Fleet’s Emissions with Autogas

If you’re currently relying on aging diesel or gasoline vehicles, converting to propane provides instant, sustainable emissions reductions. Consider these environmental benefits of autogas:

Propane Autogas vs. Electric Vehicles

Many advocates of electrifying everything claim that the only solution to decarbonizing vehicle fleets is electric vehicles (EVs). This is a faulty assertion.
Electric vehicles need clean electricity to lower life-cycle emissions, and Arizona’s grid-based electricity is far from clean. The CI of our state’s grid power is almost 70% higher than propane’s. That means that 70% more CO2 is produced to provide the same amount of energy to an EV as to an autogas vehicle!

Now consider the cost differential between converting a fleet to EVs versus autogas. The infrastructure for 10 electric vehicles with five level 3 fast EV chargers can reach $480,000. By contrast, 10 propane autogas vehicles with a single 1,000- to 2,000-gallon tank cost around $60,000.

And the benefits of autogas don’t end there. Electric trucks can travel about 120 miles on a charge, while autogas trucks can go about 350 miles on a full tank. We’ve seen significant cold weather problems with EVs, including dramatically lower battery life and longer charging times. Propane autogas engines have virtually no cold start concerns.

Get On-Site Autogas Fueling with Superior Propane.

If you want the most dependable propane autogas service in northern Arizona, trust the team at Superior Propane. We can set you up with easy-to-use on-site autogas storage and pumps. Our commercial propane team is always at your service to refill your autogas supply and keep your eco-friendly fleet on the road.

Take a moment to drop a line to Superior Propane to get started receiving best-in-class fleet fueling services.

Arizona businesses love the efficiency and dependability of commercial propane.

commercial propane Kingman, AZ At Superior Propane, we offer top-tier commercial propane services to businesses, work sites, farms and other customers in northern Arizona. We serve a wide range of commercial clients. The fact is that propane provides countless functions and benefits for businesses of any size in virtually all sectors.

Here are five benefits your business can enjoy from propane systems and equipment.

The Efficiency and Versatility of Commercial Propane Equipment

Whatever your business, propane equipment offers some of the best efficiency around. You can feel confident that almost all of your fuel is going to its intended purpose, and almost none is wasted. Consider these benefits:

Propane is also incredibly versatile. For example, farms and other agricultural businesses use propane for space heating, power generation, weed clearing, crop drying, mowing and moving equipment.

Propane’s Domestic Production

The vast majority of propane used in this country is American-made. Indeed, we are a net exporter of propane. What does this mean for your business?

  1. You can be confident that there will be a regular and replenishable propane supply.
  2. Propane’s price is somewhat insulated from global energy markets — making it more stable than many other energy sources.
  3. By using propane, you are supporting U.S. producers, wholesalers, transporters and retailers.

Onsite Propane Storage

Propane is an energy resource that you control. Your business can maintain a dedicated supply of fuel with an onsite propane tank. This is especially helpful for sites that don’t have access to a utility connection. And with a responsive, reliable commercial propane delivery partner like us, you can rest easy knowing you have a ready supply of this vital energy.

Fewer Emissions and Better Air Quality

Propane is a low-carbon fuel. It has a far lower carbon intensity (the amount of carbon dioxide generated to produce a certain amount of energy) than diesel, gasoline and even Arizona’s grid-based electricity. Propane is also methane-free and emits virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

Propane-powered vehicles, including forklifts, have lower nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions than gasoline and diesel vehicles. That means that your workers will enjoy healthier air quality.

Having a Local Commercial Propane Provider

At Superior Propane, we are proud to be a locally-owned, community-focused energy provider. We’ve been delivering bulk propane to businesses in Kingman, Flagstaff, Prescott and other northern Arizona communities for four generations.

We understand the business climate of this region. You can count on us to develop a propane delivery schedule that serves your needs and your budget. Try getting that level of personalized service from a national corporation or a gas utility!

Get in touch with Superior Propane and experience the difference our customized commercial propane plans make. We are committed to exemplary propane service.

How to safely store, transport and use a portable propane cylinder.

grill tank Prescott, AZ In Prescott and all over Northern Arizona, homeowners are taking advantage of warmer, longer days to gather loved ones and neighbors for cookouts. Far and away, the most popular fuel for outdoor grilling is propane.

Propane provides a quick, robust flame that you can precisely adjust with the turn of a knob. Unlike charcoal, a propane flame generates virtually no smoke and leaves no chemical smells or tastes. Propane grills produce less mess than charcoal grills, too.

Arizona grillers also love the convenience of propane cylinders, which are easy to lift, transport and use in a propane grill. Superior Propane has safe propane refilling stations for 20-pound grill tanks across our service area. Our team of propane experts is also here to provide tips for the secure handling of your grill tanks.

Transporting a Propane Grill Tanks

Propane cylinders are fantastically portable, but it’s essential that you practice sensible, safe transporting processes:

Storing your Propane Grill Tank

We are happy to report that portable propane cylinders are designed to stand up to the elements, allowing you to store them outside (which is the only place you should keep a cylinder). Here are some other key grill tank storage tips:

Addressing Old and Worn Propane Grill Tanks

The Department of Transportation mandates regular inspection and requalification for portable propane tanks. Typically, they advise that your tank be requalified 12 years after its manufacture date and every five years after that.

However, if your tank is dented, showing excessive corrosion or otherwise damaged or worn, you should bring it to your propane provider immediately for inspection.
Additionally, you should never attempt to modify or repair valves, regulators or other cylinder or propane appliance parts yourself.

Finally, The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) provides lots of helpful information, including this video on propane cylinder safety.

Grill Tank Refilling from Superior Propane

Running out of fuel for your propane grill can put the breaks on summer fun really fast. Happily, you can keep your grill well-fueled by coming to a Superior Propane cylinder refill station. We refill grill tanks at our Williams office during business hours. We also supply refill stations in Flagstaff, Ash Fork, Parks, Williams and Seligman.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Superior Propane team if you need assistance or guidance for your grill tank.

Superior Propane has fuel for your RV appliances and systems.

propane tank Jerome, AZ What amazing plans do you have for the summer? Many of the Northern Arizona families that Superior Propane serves are getting ready for some exciting adventures in national parks, campgrounds and other fund outdoor destinations. At the center of these plans is that convenient, reliable “home away from home” — a camper.

If you’re getting ready to load family and friends into an RV and hit the American roadways, there are some provisions you need to take care of for a smooth journey. One of these necessities is propane.

Why does a camper need propane?

Propane is the go-to energy source for many of your camper’s appliances and systems, including the following:

Because propane can be compressed for safe transportation as a liquid, it is a useful fuel in recreational vehicles.

What types of RV propane tanks are there?

The type and size of propane tank you use will depend on the kind of RV or camper you have and the propane storage it accommodates.

Larger RVs — like motorhomes — will have an ASME propane tank. ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which sets engineering standards for these tanks. The defining characteristic of an ASME tank is that it is non-removable. These tanks are generally mounted on the outside of the vehicle. (The stationary tanks we install for homes and businesses are ASME tanks, too.)

An ASME tank for an RV might range in size from 20 to 100 pounds. When you need to refill such a tank on your RV or camper, you will need to go to a propane refill station that accommodates vehicles.

Most smaller campers use removable portable propane cylinders called DOT cylinders. DOT stands for Department of Transportation. You can detach these cylinders from your camper to replace or refill them, which gives you greater flexibility when you need more fuel.

Typical sizes for a camper’s DOT propane tank would be 20 pounds (the same size as a propane grill tank), 33 pounds and 40 pounds.

Safety Tips for your Camper’s Propane

Here are some general tips to stay safe on the road with your camper’s propane tanks:

Need to find a propane refill station near Jerome or elsewhere in our Northern Arizona service area? Contact Superior Propane today.

How does propane stack up for efficiency, eco-friendliness and performance?

propane Flagstaff, AZ At Superior Propane, we like to tell customers that they can feel great about choosing our fuel for their household needs. Propane is a reliable, versatile, efficient and green way to heat your home and water, cook your food, dry your clothes and power a range of other products.

In this post, we want to enumerate some of the key advantages propane offers to homeowners in Flagstaff and across our Northern Arizona service area.

Propane is reliably American-made.

Over 90% of U.S. propane supplies come from right within our borders. A robust distribution network ensures that you can always get this fuel, and Superior Propane always has ample supplies to serve our customers. Plus, having a propane tank on your property ensures that you’re not dependent on a natural gas utility with less-than-reliable infrastructure.

Propane equipment is exceptionally efficient.

Let’s start by talking about how effectively propane can produce heat energy. Each gallon of our fuel generates roughly 91,452 British thermal units, the heating equivalent of about 27 kilowatt hours of electricity. Propane has double the heating capacity per cubic foot as natural gas.

And today’s propane products have fantastic efficiency ratings. Propane furnaces can have fuel efficiencies as high as 98.5%. Propane water heaters can generate hot water approximately twice as fast as their electric counterparts. Propane tankless water heaters produce virtually unlimited hot water on demand, using even less energy in the process.

You can also enjoy quicker cooking times and shorter laundry drying cycles when you choose a propane product instead of an electric one. In short, with propane, you get a lot of home comfort for your energy dollar!

Propane has functions all over your house.

In addition to the household uses already discussed, you can use propane for your fireplace insert or gas log. Propane space heaters provide warmth for hard-to-reach rooms, guest houses, garages and other detached spaces. You can supercharge your outdoor fun with propane-powered grills, pool heaters, patio heaters, firepits, outdoor fireplaces and lighting. Propane generators safeguard your home against unexpected grid outages. That’s a lot of uses from one versatile fuel.

Propane is green — and getting greener!

Using propane in your home means you’re doing your part to help the planet. Propane is a low-carbon fuel that has been recognized in both the Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy as an alternative fuel. It contains zero methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and emits virtually no particulate matter.

And propane is getting greener! In the future, expect to hear a lot about renewable propane , which retains the benefits of conventional propane but has a much lower carbon intensity. While not in wide use yet, renewable propane production is rapidly increasing.

Get outstanding propane delivery from Superior Propane.

Want to enjoy the most from your propane appliances? It’s vital to have a propane delivery partner you can depend on. At Superior Propane, we bring four generations of experience to our home comfort services. We offer complimentary “Keep Full” automatic delivery to our customers. You can leave all the planning to us, and we’ll ensure you never run out of propane!

Get the fuel services you deserve. Join the family of Superior Propane customers.

A dependable, efficient energy choice for Northern Arizona homeowners.

propane appliances Kingman, AZ If you own a home in Kingman or another city in Northern Arizona, you know the challenges of maintaining your loved ones’ comfort in our changeable climate. From sweltering summers to chilling winters, ensuring your home remains comfortable requires thoughtful decisions.

Propane can fulfill many of your needs. This versatile, efficient and reliable energy source powers a wide array of home appliances — all from a dedicated propane tank situated on your property. At Superior Propane, we are well-versed in our fuel’s numerous advantages. Here are some amazing benefits of propane appliances.

Propane Home Heating

Stay cozy and warm in the winter without breaking the bank with propane heating. From furnaces to space heaters, propane home heating products offer consistent heat that’s unmatched by electric alternatives. These heating systems have fuel efficiencies of up to 98.5%, and propane itself delivers a robust 91,452 Btu of heat energy per gallon (the equivalent of roughly 27 kWh of electricity). So you get a lot of comfort for your energy dollar.

Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters

Imagine a plentiful supply of hot water at a moment’s notice. Propane water heaters have roughly double the hot water recovery rate of comparable electric units. Tankless propane systems supply endless hot water on demand, and they do this with even less fuel than a traditional unit.

Cooking Ranges and Ovens

Home chefs — like over nine out of 10 professional chefs — prefer the precision and control offered by gas cooking ranges and ovens. Unlike electric stoves, propane ranges provide near-instant heat, extremely accurate temperature adjustments and even heat distribution to achieve perfect culinary creations. These stoves cool down quicker than electric elements, reducing the risk of burns. Propane ovens generate a slightly moist heat, so your Thanksgiving turkey is never dried out.

Clothes Dryers

With shorter drying cycles and state-of-the-art moisture sensors, propane clothes dryers work more efficiently than electric ones. They also produce fewer wrinkles, cutting down on your ironing time. It all adds up to a quicker, less strenuous laundry day!

Propane Standby Generators

Grid outages are no match for propane standby generators. These systems kick in swiftly when your electricity goes out, keeping your home’s essential systems running seamlessly. Because they are automatic, you don’t need to be home to keep your refrigerator and home security system running. You can size your generator to provide backup power to your whole house or only select rooms, appliances, outlets, and lighting. And since propane has an unlimited shelf life, your fuel will be ready to go when your generator needs it, no matter how long it’s been sitting in the tank.

Outdoor Living Products

You can elevate your outdoor leisure with propane-powered products like grills, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, pool heaters and outdoor lighting. These outdoor amenities keep your al fresco gatherings going even when the evening is chilly.

Talk to Superior Propane About Your Propane Appliance Needs.

The experts at Superior Propane are here to help you explore your propane appliance options, facilitate installation for them and potentially help you qualify for equipment rebates. We also provide the most dependable propane delivery in the region.

Talk to us today about adding propane service to your Kingman home. Contact us to start your journey to superior home comfort.

Reduce vehicle fleet emissions and operational expenses!

propane autogas Prescott, AZ The quest for alternative transportation fuels has never been more pertinent than it is today. There’s a global push for more environmentally friendly vehicles, and the volatile energy prices of the last several years have many commercial operations seeking viable alternatives to gasoline and diesel.

This is where propane autogas comes in. As the third most widely used transportation fuel in the U.S., propane can be a game-changer for businesses looking to become more sustainable while keeping a tight grip on their budgets. And Northern Arizona fleets are turning to Superior Propane for their autogas.

Here are three compelling benefits of propane autogas that could make a valuable impact on your commercial operations.

Lower Investment Cost Than Converting to Electric Vehicles

A major hurdle for many companies considering a switch to cleaner energy options is the upfront expense. Electric vehicles (EVs) receive a lot of press these days, but they come with hefty conversion costs. The manufacturing of EVs requires expensive, high-tech components and infrastructure that can be prohibitively costly. The infrastructure for 10 electric vehicles with five level 3 fast EV chargers costs up to $480,000.

By comparison, a fuel tank and dispensing equipment for the same number of propane vehicles will only run about $60,000, and transitioning a fleet to propane autogas is significantly less expensive overall. For businesses, it’s not just about finding cleaner alternatives; it’s about finding cost-effective, clean alternatives — propane autogas fits the bill.

Fuel and Maintenance Cost Savings

Beyond the initial conversion and infrastructure costs of converting a fleet to a greener energy source, you need to consider its long-term financial viability. Propane traditionally costs less than diesel and gasoline. Additionally, because propane is readily available and mostly sourced domestically, it’s less subject to market fluctuations that affect gasoline and diesel prices.

Propane also burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline, so you can expect extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs, too!

Lower Emissions Compared to Diesel and Gasoline

Finally, businesses need to consider their environmental footprint. Here’s where propane autogas genuinely shines. It releases fewer harmful combustion byproducts— including carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides and particulate matter — than diesel and gasoline. Cleaner emissions mean a smaller ecological impact, compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, potential access to financial incentives and better air quality for your drivers.

It’s also important to note that propane’s carbon intensity (the amount of CO2 produced to generate a given amount of energy) is over 40% lower than Arizona’s grid-based electricity. Our state’s grid still relies heavily on coal and natural gas to generate electricity, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Interested in Autogas? Talk to Superior Propane!

Commercial operations in Prescott and throughout Northern Arizona have a partner in the transition to cleaner, cost-effective fuel alternatives — Superior Propane. We can install propane autogas tanks and filling equipment right at your premises. In addition to the benefits listed above, you can say goodbye to having your drivers line up at an off-site service station every day. Your fleet fuel will be right at your business!

Contact Superior Propane today, and we’ll guide you through every step of the way, from setting up your autogas filling station to maintaining a stable and eco-friendly fuel supply.

Propane cylinder installation and safety tips for gas grills.

grill tank Jerome, AZ When you think about the warm season in Jerome, Flagstaff and elsewhere in Northern Arizona, a well-functioning propane grill with a full grill tank can seem nearly as essential as a working air conditioner.

Okay, that might be hyperbole, but it’s safe to say that once you start grilling with propane in your backyard, it’s hard to be without this fantastic outdoor amenity. There’s a good reason that 61% of grillers use propane as their fuel. Propane generates quick, robust and precisely adjustable heat that emits little to no smoke and leaves no chemical taste. Whether you’re slow-cooking sauce-slathered ribs or searing a lightly seasoned salmon filet, you can feel confident that propane will get the job done effectively, and the flavors of your food will shine through.

Plus, there’s very little cleanup with a propane grill. You don’t need to risk ruining your outfit while you douse and clean ashes and coals. Just turn off your burners, close the service valve on your propane cylinder and run a brush over the grate.

At Superior Propane, we’re happy to set up your propane grill and provide fuel for it, too.

Can you connect a grill to your home propane tank?

Some customers ask us if they can connect their grill to the same tank that supplies fuel to their home’s heating system, water heater and other indoor appliances. This can be a great option, especially if you have a built-in grill or outdoor kitchen. Your grill’s fuel will be replenished whenever you receive a propane delivery.

If you have a freestanding grill, though, you might experience some issues with connecting to your stationary propane tank:

These are some reasons why many grill owners prefer using portable propane cylinders.

How do you attach a propane cylinder to your grill?

Propane cylinders are easily portable and simple to install in your grill. Most grills have storage compartments that can accommodate a 20-pound tank. Here are some steps for switching out a grill tank. Before changing out propane cylinders, ensure your grill is off and the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

Get your grill cylinders from Superior Propane.

It’s time to replenish your grill fuel before spring arrives. Superior Propane supplies fuel for cylinder refill stations in Flagstaff, Parks, Williams, Seligman and other Northern Arizona communities. Refilling your propane cylinder is almost always more affordable than trading it in as a grill tank exchange. So, come to a Superior Propane cylinder refill station with a portable tank for your grill, patio heater, RV, firepit or other outdoor appliance.

Interested in exploring options for a new propane grill? Contact our team today.

Arizona businesses love commercial propane equipment.

commercial propane Flagstaff, AZ As one of the most trusted propane distributors in Flagstaff and elsewhere in Northern Arizona, we appreciate that no two customers are the same. This is true of the many households and families that Superior Propane serves. It’s also the case for the businesses, commercial projects and municipalities that count on us.

Here is a rundown of the kind of commercial sectors we serve and how they use the commercial propane we deliver.

Hospitality Businesses

The restaurants, resorts, hotels, event spaces and other hospitality businesses we serve depend on propane to keep patrons and guests comfortable. The systems and sundry equipment they rely on include:

Construction and Job Sites

With so much development and renovation happening in our service region, construction sites and other outdoor work sites rely on propane for a range of essential functions. Propane-fueled temporary heat keeps building crews safe and comfortable on frigid nights. It also ensures stable temperatures so cement, paint, spackle and joint compound dry correctly.

The propane we deliver also powers forklifts, excavation equipment, flooring equipment, power generators, hybrid lighting and water-heating equipment.

Manufacturing and Distribution

One of the most crucial needs for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers is a functional forklift fleet. Propane forklifts can work inside without negatively impacting air quality. They can work outdoors in the rain without malfunctioning. One 33-pound propane cylinder can typically power a forklift for a full shift, and the vehicle won’t lose lifting and moving capacity even as its fuel runs low. Plus, refueling a propane forklift is easy, taking only a matter of minutes.

Municipal Buildings and Care Centers

Whether we’re talking about schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycares, or public buildings, propane plays a vital role in keeping people comfortable and safe. It powers cafeterias and heats water for cleaning, bathing and sanitation. It warms up classrooms and living spaces for older adults.

Perhaps most crucially, propane standby generators keep lights, HVAC systems, refrigeration, communication channels and medical equipment running when the power grid fails. Propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life, and these generators switch on automatically when a building loses power. They are the gold standard for dependable backup electricity.

Bulk Propane from the Superior Propane team

Commercial clients and municipalities know that they can trust our team to arrange on-site fuel storage and a customized bulk propane delivery schedule. We will ensure that you always have the propane you need to keep your essential systems and appliances running year-round.

Get in touch with Superior Propane to discuss your business’s needs and get started arranging tailored reliable propane deliveries. Our team members are ready to help.