Are Propane Appliances Efficient?

Written By: on May 1, 2023

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gas appliance efficiency Prescott, az What do you use propane for in your home?

One of the most adaptable home fuels on the market, propane can power home heating, hot water equipment, cooking products and a whole range of other appliances and amenities. But is it worth making the change to propane appliances?

This is something we talk about with customers in Flagstaff, Prescott, Seligman and other Northern Arizona cities. They want to ensure that propane is as efficient as electricity, natural gas or other energy sources. Let’s look at some propane-fired systems and determine how they stack up for energy efficiency.

Home heating

Firstly, propane generates a lot of heat very efficiently. It produces 2,516 Btu of heat energy per cubic foot, compared to only 1,050 Btu for natural gas. And it takes 27 kilowatt-hours of electricity to make the same amount of energy as a gallon of propane.

What does this mean for home heating? Propane furnaces can consistently heat the air hotter than 115 degrees, no matter how cold it is outside. By comparison, heat pumps struggle to heat air higher than human body temperature. And high-efficiency propane furnaces are between 90 and 98 percent efficient, so you lose virtually no energy in combustion when heating your home.

Water heaters

The average American home uses approximately one-fifth of its energy heating water. It only makes sense to choose the most efficient appliance possible. That almost always means propane.

Propane-fired storage-tank water heaters have hot water recovery rates of roughly double the speed of equivalent electric models. A recent Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) study found that a single-family home using a propane water heater saves about $355 each year on energy compared to a home with an electric unit.

Want unlimited hot water on demand with even lower energy usage? Upgrade to a propane tankless water heater.

Other propane appliances

Propane powers many other products for your home, and it does so efficiently. Propane dryers dry clothes 25 percent faster than electric dryers, leaving fewer wrinkles and less static cling. Propane ranges are the gold standard for home cooking, providing precise temperature control.

Let Superior Propane show you the value of this efficient fuel source!

One more appealing thing about propane is that it goes wherever you need it. So many of our customers live in an area without access to a natural gas utility. Others are simply tired of dealing with the service interruptions they get with electricity and gas utilities.

When you have a propane tank on your property, you control your power source. If the local natural gas infrastructure has a leak or the grid suffers an outage, you’ll still have the fuel you need for your heating, hot water and cooking. Plus, a propane standby generator can keep your lights on in all situations!

And with Superior Propane as your fuel partner, you’ll never run out. Our free automatic propane delivery frees you from checking tank gauges and remembering to call for fuel. We handle the planning for you and deliver fuel before your tank runs low. (Plus, you get a discount on your propane!)

If you’re ready to discover all the great propane products on the market today, get in touch with Superior Propane right away.