Where To Get A 20-gallon Tank Refill Year-round

Written By: on October 19, 2020

Always have propane ready for your grill, or other propane equipment!

You probably know that using propane is a great way to grill.

Propane is so easy and convenient. No having to build a fire like with charcoal, lighting it, then having to wait perhaps a half an hour for it to be ready for grilling. Instead, you just turn on the propane supply valve on your propane cylinder, turn on the burners, and in less than five minutes, you’re good to go!

When you’re done, simply turn off the burners and the propane supply valve, do a quick cleaning of the grill grates, and you’re done.

With charcoal, you have to wait for the fire to die down. Then there’s the messy cleanup of the ashes.

But grilling isn’t the only thing a propane cylinder is good for. It has many uses, for both personal and commercial applications. And when you need your propane cylinder refilled, turn to Superior Propane Inc.! We have 11 propane refill stations located all over our northern Arizona service area.

How do propane cylinder refill stations work?

They’re easy! Just bring your cylinder to the nearest refill station. One of the employees there will safely and properly do the refilling. It’s really that easy.

Here are just some of the things that propane cylinders are used for:

Looking for a location nearest you? See our locations below!

Superior Propane Inc. cylinder refill stations: A great opportunity for businesses too!

In a competitive market, do you want an edge over your competition?

You can get that by adding a Superior Propane Inc. cylinder refill station! They are perfect for gas stations, convenience stores, hardware stores, home improvement stores, garden centers, campgrounds, and RV parks alike.

Get in touch with us and our commercial propane experts will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Superior Propane is there for you with propane refill stations all over our service area. Contact us to find out more!