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Safe Grilling Techniques

Every summer as barbecue grills begin making their appearance, having safe grilling techniques when dealing with propane is a good idea. According to the Propane Education and Research Council’s (PERC), four out of five families in America own a barbecue grill, and most families grill at least once a week during the summer months. Based on consumer demand and sales, Propane is still the Number One choice of American’s when grilling.

grill-250pixPropane grills offer a variety of features not available with other types of grills. The most convenient being On/Off switches for instant heat and fast cool down.

With no burning embers, Propane grills do not throw sparks and have very little messy cleanup. Also most importantly, is the ability to have control of the heat cooking your food!

Before starting that Propane grill the Propane Education & Research Council offers several grilling and food safety tips for a safe and enjoyable time.

Correct Grill Use

  1. When lighting a grill, keep the top or lid open.
  2. After connecting a Propane bottle to a grill, use a solution of 50/50 water and liquid soap to check for leaks in the Propane delivery lines.
  3. DO NOT use lighters, matches or any flame to check for leaks.
  4. DO NOT allow children to play with, on or around a Propane cylinder or grill when in use.
  5. DO NOT smoke while handling a Propane cylinder or bottle.
  6. When a grill is not in use, cover any disconnected hose-ends and fittings to keep them clean and free from foreign objects and moisture.
  7. ALWAYS follow the instructions supplied with your grill and keep the materials handy.
  8. NEVER pour or apply any accelerant or other fuel, such as lighter fluid or gasoline on the grill.
  9. When finished grilling, turn off the cylinder valve and the burner controls.

Proper Cylinder/Bottle Handling

  1. When a cylinder is refilled, have your Propane supplier visually inspect the tank for damage, such as dents and rust.
  2. After filling or exchanging a Propane bottle or cylinder, take it home right away. If you must have the bottle in the passenger area of your vehicle, be sure to keep the car well ventilated by opening at least one window. Also be sure the valve is closed and the valve cap is in place.
  3. ALWAYS use and store Propane containers in an upright or vertical position.
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