Superior Propane, Inc. - We are Northern Arizona's premiere Propane Company. Superior Propane has a long and dedicated history of delivering propane and servicing tanks in the southwest including Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, Prescott, Grand Canyon and everywhere in between.

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Yardline-350pixSuperior Propane covers all your gas needs including piping, fittings, and propane supplies. Whether you need the underground line from the tank to your home or business or interior piping, Superior Propane is who to call. We follow all building codes and only use the highest quality materials. All piping and fittings are installed by a certified propane technician and pressure tested to twice the needed pressure to ensure safety.

To the left are the components that create the underground line that supplies propane gas to your home or business. The yellow pipe is Polyethylene Pipe. The common size is 1/2 inch inside diameter. It is flexible and does not need to be buried using any special material. Polyethylene Pipe is for underground use only.

The Gray pipes are Risers used to come out the ground at the tank and the building. These connect to the polyethylene underground.

The red disk is a High Pressure Regulator, this takes the pressure in the tank and lowers it to 10 Lbs for delivery through the polyethylene. The green Regulators are the Low Pressure Regulators, these lower the pressure once again from 10 Lbs in the underground line to 1/2 Lb for delivery to the appliances.

CSST-350pixCorrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, or CSST, seen at right, is used for interior propane piping. This Type of pipe is far superior to iron piping. CSST can be bent and shaped around corners, and does not need to be passed through wall studs in a straight line.

CSST uses special fittings, the black disk is a termination, these are at every end of CSST, on the outside of the building and at every appliance. The T fitting is just that, a T, used to take the CSST in two directions. The last fitting is a Pipe To Flex used to go from CSST to iron pipe when necessary.

Iron-350pixPictured here are various lengths of Iron Pipe. With this propane pipe are the common fittings. The most common size used for propane gas is 3/4 inch inside diameter.

In the center of the picture are ball valves. The yellow handle is a Main Shutoff used outside the building to shutoff the gas flow. The red handled valve is an Appliance Shutoff used to stop the flow of gas to individual appliances. Every appliance must have a shutoff. Shutoffs are required by Arizona codes.

The final fitting is Dielectric Union, it is insulated to stop the flow of electricity should a lightning strike occur or something similar. This fitting is required by Arizona building codes and is just some of the many propane piping and fitting products we carry.


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Superior Propane delivers propane to Flagstaff, Sedona, Winslow, Grand Canyon, and many other locations across Northern Arizona.

We are Northern Arizona’s Premiere Propane Distributor!

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