Superior Propane, Inc. - We are Northern Arizona's premiere Propane Company. Superior Propane has a long and dedicated history of delivering propane and servicing tanks in the southwest including Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, Prescott, Grand Canyon and everywhere in between.

Our Products & Services

It is our goal at Superior Propane to have all the necessary products and services that are needed as a full service propane provider. Our primary services include: Propane Delivery, Fuel Pumps for Propane Vehicles, and Propane Installation and Products.

Convenient Delivery of Propane for your Home or Business

Propane for residential or business needs is simple. Superior Propane can rent you a tank, sell you a tank, or fill a tank you currently own. We can run all the necessary piping underground and in your building. We schedule deliveries using specialized computer software to insure accuracy, and you stay hassle free!

Two Propane Tanks - Get Propane Delivery from Superior Propane [Northern Arizona]Delivery of propane to your home or business is completely worry-free! Once you become a customer, your account is placed on a delivery route according to the geographic location of the tank. This is a “Keep Full” route. In other words, you do not need to keep track of how much propane is in your tank. In regular intervals your tank will be scheduled by the specialized computer software and a delivery driver will come to check on your tank. If needed the driver will fill your tank to insure no interruption in your service. Our drivers also keep track of the percentage in your tank which is entered into our computer to track your propane usage in order to ensure timely deliveries. All this is done to make certain you stay hassle-free!

Superior Propane is dedicated to its customers – residential and commercial alike. Whether you need a 120 gallon tank or an underground 1000 gallon tank, Superior Propane can fit your needs. Most consumers don’t know what size tank is necessary for their situation. For this purpose, our Tank Size Worksheet is available. Print the worksheet and follow the directions to find an estimated tank size. Storage tanks come in various sizes, and can be leased yearly or be purchased.

Fueling-325pix24 Hour Pumps to Fuel Propane Powered Vehicles

Filling your propane powered car, truck, or van is as easy and safe as pumping gasoline! Plus it is cheaper, burns cleaner, and is easier on your engine! We can convert many vehicles to burn propane, and most converted vehicles can switch between propane and gasoline on the go right from the dash!

Superior Propane offers propane pumps to fuel your propane powered car, truck or van. Pumping propane is as safe and easy as pumping gasoline! Once you have a vehicle that is powered by propane, weather you purchase a vehicle already running on propane or get one converted to propane, Superior Propane will issue you a card, much like a credit card, to operate our pumps. Along with the card, you will get training on proper filling technique and safety. Our pumps in Williams, Arizona and Flagstaff, Arizona are available and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Superior Propane’s pumps are some of the most advanced pumps available, looking and working like gasoline pumps. The ease of operation is amazing! Here you can see Michael, our salesman, filling his work truck – which has been converted to run on either propane or gasoline.

Click to see a map to either propane pump location:

Williams, ArizonaFlagstaff, Arizona

Propane vehicles are cleaner for the environment! Propane powered cars and trucks give off ultra-low emissions that exceed the Clean-Air Act of 1995! The National Propane Gas Association and the U.S. Department of Energy have documented testing which concluded that a propane powered engine could last up to THREE TIMES longer than the same gasoline powered engine! Most importantly, Propane costs less at the pump than gasoline and maintenance of propane engines is FAR LESS expensive! Click here for more information about “Propane: The Smart Choice for Vehicle Fuel”.

Propane-Hardware-350pixPropane Installation and Products for Your Home or Business

Piping a building for gas can be a VERY difficult job for the do-it-yourselfer. Superior Propane has the tools, resources, and manpower to do the job, no matter what the size. You can rest assured your little vacation cabin or your 10,000 square foot business will be plumbed for gas right the first time! We will be happy to go over the project with you and provide an estimate for you. Superior Propane can even run piping for natural gas!
Superior Propane covers all of your gas needs. Whether you need the underground line from the tank to your home or business or interior piping, Superior is who to call. We follow all building codes and only use the highest quality materials. All piping is installed by a certified propane technician and pressure tested to twice the pressure needed to ensure safety.

Superior Propane also sells an array of propane fittings, hoses, and adapters for most all propane applications. We can also custom make hoses to most any length to meet your needs. Fittings and adapters for most propane applications can be purchased in our store. We also have 5, 7, 10, and 25 gallon bottles which can be used for various functions.

Click here to view more of our products.

At Superior Propane we offer a wide variety of products and installation services. We’d like to encourage you to contact us for all your propane hardware needs!


Best of Flagstaff

We would like to thank everyone for voting us the “Best Propane Company” in Flagstaff for 2016!

Superior Propane delivers propane to Flagstaff, Sedona, Winslow, Grand Canyon, and many other locations across Northern Arizona.

We are Northern Arizona’s Premiere Propane Distributor!

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We are proud to service and distribute propane to Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, Prescott, Grand Canyon, and everywhere between across Northern Arizona.

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