5 Benefits of Using Propane for Your Business

Written By: on June 17, 2024

Arizona businesses love the efficiency and dependability of commercial propane.

commercial propane Kingman, AZ At Superior Propane, we offer top-tier commercial propane services to businesses, work sites, farms and other customers in northern Arizona. We serve a wide range of commercial clients. The fact is that propane provides countless functions and benefits for businesses of any size in virtually all sectors.

Here are five benefits your business can enjoy from propane systems and equipment.

The Efficiency and Versatility of Commercial Propane Equipment

Whatever your business, propane equipment offers some of the best efficiency around. You can feel confident that almost all of your fuel is going to its intended purpose, and almost none is wasted. Consider these benefits:

Propane is also incredibly versatile. For example, farms and other agricultural businesses use propane for space heating, power generation, weed clearing, crop drying, mowing and moving equipment.

Propane’s Domestic Production

The vast majority of propane used in this country is American-made. Indeed, we are a net exporter of propane. What does this mean for your business?

  1. You can be confident that there will be a regular and replenishable propane supply.
  2. Propane’s price is somewhat insulated from global energy markets — making it more stable than many other energy sources.
  3. By using propane, you are supporting U.S. producers, wholesalers, transporters and retailers.

Onsite Propane Storage

Propane is an energy resource that you control. Your business can maintain a dedicated supply of fuel with an onsite propane tank. This is especially helpful for sites that don’t have access to a utility connection. And with a responsive, reliable commercial propane delivery partner like us, you can rest easy knowing you have a ready supply of this vital energy.

Fewer Emissions and Better Air Quality

Propane is a low-carbon fuel. It has a far lower carbon intensity (the amount of carbon dioxide generated to produce a certain amount of energy) than diesel, gasoline and even Arizona’s grid-based electricity. Propane is also methane-free and emits virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

Propane-powered vehicles, including forklifts, have lower nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions than gasoline and diesel vehicles. That means that your workers will enjoy healthier air quality.

Having a Local Commercial Propane Provider

At Superior Propane, we are proud to be a locally-owned, community-focused energy provider. We’ve been delivering bulk propane to businesses in Kingman, Flagstaff, Prescott and other northern Arizona communities for four generations.

We understand the business climate of this region. You can count on us to develop a propane delivery schedule that serves your needs and your budget. Try getting that level of personalized service from a national corporation or a gas utility!

Get in touch with Superior Propane and experience the difference our customized commercial propane plans make. We are committed to exemplary propane service.